About Us

Our Reputation

We’ve always been defined by the quality of our work, and we take particular pride in the consistent high-quality care we deliver.  From modern materials to the most current clinical techniques, we’re dedicated to providing the best the profession has to offer.  Our colleagues notice, too – referrals from dental specialists are a primary new patient source for the office.

At Your Service

The thought of dental care can cause anxiety –  it doesn’t have to.  We have a variety of methods to make your visit free of discomfort   We deliver an experience that’s more than painless – it’s comfortable.  Beyond the dental operatory, it extends to a warm hello when you enter.  A supporting team who knows your name and treatment history.


Located in next to Jefferson Hospital in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. We’re efficient and we respect your time – patients are always seen within minutes of your scheduled appointment time.  We’re accessible – the office is within 3 blocks of every mode of transportation the city has to offer.


Derek J. Conover, DMD

Alice Bassani, DMD